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‘Car insurance policy was mis-sold – what should I do?’

I enclose copies of three letters to AutoTrust, also trading as Car Care Plan. Its policy was sold to me by the salesman who sold me a used car. I was assured that the policy would cover me for full reimbursement of the purchase price in the event of the car being treated by the insurance company as a total loss.

Bearing in mind how easy it is to obtain online quotes for all types of insurance, there really is no excuse for renewing a policy without checking prices from the competition. Last year I bought my house insurance after getting lots of quotes from a price comparison web site. A week or two back I received a call from that insurer telling me that the renewal was due and that the cost had only risen by a couple of pounds. When I said that I wanted to check prices from some other companies online before renewing, the guy on the phone came up with a quote some 20% cheaper than his original offer. Not to be outdone, I visited my trusty comparison site and proceeded to obtain precisely the same cover for another 20% less than his lowest quote. Let me say once more…Don’t EVER renew any insurance before checking prices online. All insurance companies offer their lowest prices to first-time customers, so take advantage and switch to a new company whenever you can get a better deal. Unless there is a very good reason to stay with your current insurance company then don’t worry about showing disloyalty to them, I guarantee that they won’t show any loyalty to you if you’re in the unfortunate position of having to make a claim!. The following link has Liability Insurance Blog

However, on receipt of the policy booklet I saw that I did not appear to satisfy the eligibility requirements of the policy, in that I do not myself hold a policy of insurance for the car, although my wife does. This is because my wife is the sole driver of the car, because of (hopefully) temporary medical problems that prevent me from driving at present.

DT, Hants

The policy had been set up in your name but then you saw that the conditions stated that you had to be the registered keeper of the vehicle, hold a valid full UK driving licence and have a valid policy providing comprehensive motor insurance for the vehicle.

An eyesight problem means all driving is done by your wife and the car is insured accordingly.

Your written requests for clarification about the cover received no reply and a telephone call you made to get this simple reassurance, or a refund, left the matter unresolved.

As to the letters a spokesman says: « While inquiries regarding missing correspondence are extremely rare for us we take these complaints very seriously and as a result will be carrying out a thorough internal audit to ensure all our processes remain as robust as possible. »

It has now written to confirm that the cover is valid. It has also sent

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